Building Block Heroes: Rush Edition review

Building Block Heroes: Rush Edition

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Building Block Heroes: Rush Edition is a faster-paced stand-alone expansion for Building Block Heroes, made for those who enjoyed the core mechanics of the original but did not want to commit to a longer gameplay experience.

Building Block Heroes is a puzzle block platformer in which you use coloured blocks to build pathways around each level to free the Jollyfolk from their cages. Simultaneously control both building blocks and heroes, with a friend or by yourself, in this colourful romp through a cartoony and exotic hand-painted world. Explore different lands and make use of special powers as you construct the means to save the Jollyfolk!

A True Puzzle Platformer Game

  • Use falling blocks to build your own platforms and pathways around over 100 levels!
  • Build your own stairways and bridges to navigate around obstacles and pits!
  • Each area in the game introduces a new challenge - from moving platforms to irresistible ocean currents that sweep you away, no two areas are alike!
  • Compete for higher scores and beat your own personal records!


  • Four unique characters, each with their own unique abilities!
  • Destroy blocks to build up your power meter.
  • Dash across gaps as Heatwave, conjure blocks of ice as Ice Queen, soar through the air as Airhead, or smash through blocks as Dirtbag!


Building Block Heroes: Rush Edition Building Block Heroes: Rush Edition
Building Block Heroes: Rush Edition
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