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Pick Your Poison

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Pick Your Poison is a "roguelike" with turn-based tactical combat, random level generation, but with a twist: when you reach the exit, you pick one "poison" - a disadvantage that will stay with you in this run. Some "poisons" have beneficial effects as well, and can compensate negative effects of other ones. Choose wisely.

How far can you go? Can you endure all "poisons" and discover what comes after them?

Some examples of the "poisons":

  • Only one hit: you're easy to kill
  • Only one enemy: it's a good thing, right?
  • Only one way: it's not like you were going to return anyway
  • Only one key: don't need more than one for that door, right?
  • Only one room: no more wandering around
  • Only one potion: it's better be a good one
  • Only one head: see in the direction you move only
  • Only one eye: narrower vision
  • Only one form: all enemies are skeletons... or are they?


Pick Your Poison Pick Your Poison
Pick Your Poison
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