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StarWheels is a Battle Kart Arena game with various modes : Choose your kart and your favorite character, fight with your friends or alone against your opponents to dominate the party!

Game Modes/h2]
  • FFA : Fight against 6 pilots in an arena! Score 15 points with powerful items to win the party !
  • Team Battle : In this teammod, each player get 3 lifes. You have to kill your opponnent’s lifes to send them in prison, and win the game.
  • Orb In this mod, you have to cooperate. Take the orb, transfer it to your teammate, to reach and destroy the opponent generator

Choose YOUR gameplay

Custom your game , choose one of the abilities :
  • Jump : strengthen your reflexe with an agressive ability
  • Wall buld it to protect temporary yourself or trap your enemies
  • Translocator Drop it where you want, and relocate yourself from anywhere on the map

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StarWheels StarWheels
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