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The Elementalist

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The Elementalist is a retro-styled 2D action RPG featuring environmental puzzles and a sprawling world with numerous dungeons.

Step in to the pointy boots of a wizard who has awoken after a long sleep to find that evil is again afoot. Wander a vast world in search of ancient temples, hidden passageways, and lost treasures. Overcome enemies, traps, and puzzles that will test your skills and wits. Embark on an epic journey to reclaim your elemental powers. Seek out the hidden menace and restore peace to the land!

Inspired by the great games of the 80's and crafted by hand The Elementalist offers a fresh take on a classic genre!

Enjoy the Elementatlist today in glorious ULTRA-SD!


  • An over-world map consisting of 420 rooms.
  • Dozens of homes, caves, ruins, and other hidden locations spanning 200+ rooms.
  • 8 major dungeons with a total of 300+ rooms.
  • 16 spells (including 4 elemental forms).
  • 18 usable items.
  • Over 50 unique enemies.
  • 36 pieces of gear to find and equip.
  • Dozens of interact-able props.
  • Thousands of lines of snarky dialog to roll your eyes at.
  • Other numbers of things I didn't count!

The Elementalist has lots of snarky dialog to resonate with the aging gamer (cough, cough) but is appropriate for all audiences.

Expected time for a play-through is 10+ hours.


The Elementalist The Elementalist
The Elementalist
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