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Warships 3D

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Warships 3D is a customizable battleship-like game done in 3D environment with animations and cutscenes.
Players can define their own rules like map size, which ships are available and at which events what weapons will be granted to player(s).
The game is played in 2 stages, in the first stage the player places his ships on the opponent's map, while in the second stage the player's objective is to find and destroy enemy ships on his own map.


  • Customizable (see "Customization options" below)
  • Nice 3D environment with animations and cutscenes (players can still shoot while a cutscene is playing)
  • 6 ambient soundtracks
  • Online multiplayer, local multiplayer and singleplayer
  • Gamepad support and local multiplayer offers the option for two players to play on a single keyboard

Customization options

  • Weapon granting system: define which weapons will be provided to player(s) under certain events (e.g. when a ship gets destroyed)
  • Shooting modes: fixed amount of shots per round or make it dependent on the number of ships that are still standing
  • Map sizes ranging from 2x2 to 20x20
  • Ships available in sizes from 1 to 7 fields
  • Should destroyed ships be shown?
There is also classic mode in case that you don't want to do any customizations.


Warships 3D Warships 3D
Warships 3D
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