With The Release Of Hellblade 2 Just Around The Corner, Mere Fortnights From Now, Enthusiasts Believe Xbox Should Amplify Its Promotional Efforts

  • 09-05-2024 |
  • Daniella Sanchez

Seven years since the debut of the initial Hellblade series entry, Ninja Theory is filled with excitement for the upcoming launch of the next chapter, Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2. Scheduled for presentation in just two weeks, the much-awaited title will make its appearance on May 21st. It's among a select few releases from Xbox Game Studios scheduled for 2024, yet observers have noted that Microsoft has not been particularly vocal in promoting it.

The prospect of Hellblade 2 discreetly emerging without significant attention is a worrisome thought, given the recent situation with Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks. Despite accolades and a warm reception for their celebrated title, it did not prevent the company's shutdown, which occurred in conjunction with the closure of Redfall creator Arkane Austin, among others, as part of broad consolidations by Microsoft.

Taking to a popular social media platform X yesterday evening, Xbox's promotional spokesperson Aaron Greenberg reassured enthusiasts that the official worldwide marketing efforts for Hellblade 2 had kicked off the day before. He mentioned an exclusive event in Iceland dedicated to content creators, which is currently underway, where the company has hosted several YouTube personalities to explore the land that inspired the game's backdrop.

Furthermore, Greenberg detailed numerous outlets where the advertising for Hellblade 2 had commenced that prior day, including platforms like YouTube, HBO/Max, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit (via sponsored content in feeds), assorted search engines, and even on Samsung devices, providing visual evidence of these promotional activities.