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Toon Blast

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Are you looking for a game that blends the allure of animated characters with the excitement of solving puzzles? Look no further than Toon Blast, a game forged by the same minds who brought us Toy Blast. This game invites players to join the delightful escapades of Cooper the Cat, Wally the Wolf, and Bruno the Bear. But is this game merely child's play, or does it offer the challenging depth that puzzle enthusiasts crave? Let's dive into the zany universe of Toon Blast and find out.

At its core, Toon Blast beckons with its seemingly simple yet fascinating gameplay. Players are tasked with matching colorful cubes to progress through levels, facing unique objectives and an array of whimsical blockers. Every tap feels satisfying as you watch cubes vanish and new combinations fall into place. The inherent joy of matching colors coupled with complete puzzles adds a layer of strategy that keeps the brain engaged and the fingers swiping.

Toon Blast doesn't just rely on matching skills alone. The game generously bestows monstrous power-ups which are crucial for blasting through tougher levels. These boosts are a game-changer, allowing you to clear wide swaths of cubes and obstacles, creating that much-needed wiggle room when you're in a tight spot. Moreover, completing levels rewards you with stars, which can earn you fantastic prizes, keeping the incentive high and the gameplay rewarding.

Each character is lovingly crafted with animated vigor, and the worlds you journey through are a joy to behold. The whimsical designs evoke a sense of wonder, making every new episode and world a fresh visual delight. The attention to detail ensures that whether you're traveling through magical lands or unlocking new episodes, there's always something pleasing to the eye.

Taking the fun up a notch, Toon Blast allows players to form their teams or join others, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and competition. This social aspect is a significant draw, enabling friends to share lives and cheer each other on. And if you're concerned about the possibility of losing progress when transitioning between devices, have no fear. Toon Blast has you covered, with easy game synchronization between your phone and tablet.

Toon Blast presents itself as a fun, challenging game that can keep both casual players and puzzle veterans entertained for hours. Toon Blast features a series of progressively captivating levels, along with an engaging social aspect, encouraging ongoing gameplay and advancement. Beneath its whimsical allure lies a complex strategic core, offering a puzzle adventure that is simple to start yet challenging to set aside.


  • Engaging puzzle mechanics that blend strategy with fun
  • Dynamic power-ups add a layer of thoughtful gameplay
  • Eye-catching graphics and charming animated characters
  • New levels and episodes keep the game fresh
  • Social features create a sense of community and motivation.


  • Some levels might be too challenging without power-ups, which can be frustrating
  • The dependency on teammates for extra lives might be a drawback for lone players.


Toon Blast Toon Blast

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