Empowering Diversity: The Fight Behind Tales of Kenzera: Zau's Reduced Price

  • 05-06-2024 |
  • Keegan Wilson

Abubakar Salim, the visionary behind Surgent Studios, has recently addressed a significant issue plaguing the industry: targeted harassment. Known for his work on the metroidvania game Tales of Kenzera: Zau, Salim has faced numerous comments aimed to diminish his accomplishments by attributing his success solely to his ethnicity. He took to social media to share his experiences and respond to the ongoing discourse surrounding diversity in gaming.

The harassment faced by Salim and his studio is part of a larger pattern in the gaming community, where efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion often encounter resistance. Salim mentioned the constant and targeted nature of this backlash, emphasizing that some individuals perceive diversity as a threat. He articulated that the arguments against diverse narratives usually boil down to claims of improper representation or tokenism, sentiments he strongly disputes.

In an effort to counter this negativity and make a positive statement, Salim has taken a bold move by reducing the price of Zau on the Nintendo Switch. He stated that by setting the game’s cost at the price of a pizza, he aims to emphasize that gaming should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. Salim believes that everyone should have the chance to experience diverse stories and characters, reinforcing his commitment to inclusivity.

The decision to lower the price was not without challenges. Salim acknowledged the complexities involved in making such a change, especially when considering Surgent Studios' financial responsibilities and partner relationships. However, the move was made possible thanks to the concerted efforts and support from both internal team members and publishing partners. As of now, the price adjustment is specific to the Nintendo Switch, with potential changes on other platforms still under consideration.

Tales of Kenzera: Zau has garnered positive reviews for its vibrant environments, compelling narrative, and innovative puzzles, earning a solid score of 73. By making the game more affordable, Surgent Studios hopes to reach a broader audience, underscoring the belief that games are for everyone. Salim's proactive approach not only addresses the harassment faced but also sets an example within the industry for standing up against discrimination and promoting inclusivity.