Gang Beasts review

Gang Beasts

Published & copyrighted by Boneloaf

Developed by the indie game studio Boneloaf, it presents a wildly entertaining experience that revolves around comical brawls between squishy characters. The setting? The unforgiving urban sprawl is known as Beef City. This isn't your typical fighting game; it's a madcap party game that combines humor with chaos, making it a perfect pick for a fun evening with friends.

At the heart of "Gang Beasts" is its gameplay - a slapstick take on the fighting genre. Players assume command of squishy, jelly-like characters, embarking on chaotic fights that are as wildly unpredictable as they are amusing. The combat system is simple yet satisfying, focusing on melee attacks where timing and positioning often trump button-mashing skills. The unpredictable physics adds an extra layer of hilarity, as characters flail and flop with every punch, grab, and throw, turning each match into a laugh-out-loud spectacle.

Graphically, "Gang Beasts" doesn't aim for photorealism but embraces a quirky art style that fits perfectly with its goofy premise. The character designs are delightfully absurd, boasting a range with a variety of choices for personalization that enable players to bring their own flair into the arena. Beef City's environments are equally comical, featuring a variety of hazardous locations such as industrial grinders, speeding trains, and precarious platforms that add an extra dose of chaos to the fights.

The game shines with its array of features, allowing for a tailored and engaging gaming session. Customization options for characters mean that no two fighters need to look the same, offering personal expression through cosmetic choices. The various game modes, including the melee mode for all-out battles and the gang mode for team-based skirmishes, ensure that gameplay remains fresh and exciting. Online and local multiplayer capabilities mean that "Gang Beasts" can be enjoyed with friends near and far, adding to its appeal as a couch co-op staple.

While many games now focus on online connectivity, "Gang Beasts" finds a balance, offering both robust online play and local co-op action. This means you can duke it out with strangers across the globe or with friends on your couch, making it a versatile choice for social gaming. The aspect of playing locally with others echoes a return to the golden era of video games where sharing a screen was the norm, and "Gang Beasts" brings this nostalgic experience up to date with its unique charm.

In summary, "Gang Beasts" serves as a hilarious enhancement to any collection of games, perfect for players looking for a respite from more serious gaming experiences. Its emphasis on fun, complemented by the accessible gameplay and humorous physics, ensures that its battles are always memorable. While it may not meet the expectations of those looking for intricate strategies or a compelling narrative, it excels as a party game that's simple to pick up and guarantees enjoyment and laughter.


  • Hilarious slapstick combat system that's easy to pick up
  • Delightfully quirky graphics and character customization options
  • Variety of game modes catering to different play styles
  • Excellent for both online and local multiplayer sessions
  • Unpredictable physics that enhances the comedic aspect of fights.


  • May not appeal to players looking for a game with tactical depth
  • The simplistic fighting mechanics may not satisfy all fighting game enthusiasts.


Gang Beasts Gang Beasts

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