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Secret Neighbor

Published & copyrighted by Hologryph

Outsmarting the Wily Foe: Embracing Inventiveness in 'Secret Neighbor's' Horror Playground

Secret Neighbor takes a unique approach by merging the suspense of a child's game of seek with the paranoia of a multiplayer whodunnit. Crafted by Hologryph and released by tinyBuild, this social horror multiplayer experience places a circle of friends in an unsettling, recognizable neighborhood where both safety and trust are in short supply. As players work together to unlock the mystery-shrouded house's basement door, one of them is secretly playing for the other team—the Neighbor in disguise.

Thrilling Cooperative Mechanics with a Twist of Treachery

Gameplay lies at the heart of Secret Neighbor, where cooperation among players is vital. In each round, the game randomly assigns roles, where the majority of players become children on a quest to find keys to the basement, and one player is designated as the Neighbor. The kids are required to search the house thoroughly, crack puzzles, and collaborate effectively to locate the keys before the deadline expires. The Neighbor, masquerading as a child, uses an array of gadgets and wits to separate, confuse, and capture the unsuspecting kids. This twist injects tension and suspicion into every interaction, raising the stakes of each play session.

A Suspenseful Atmosphere Enhanced by Creative Visuals

Graphics and ambiance provide a backdrop that perfectly complements the tense gameplay. The artistic approach is whimsical and cartoonish, featuring overstated characteristics and fanciful motifs that simultaneously charm and disconcert players. The game's graphics blend a child-friendly aesthetic with an unsettlingly strange vibe., with environments that are vibrant in daylight but grow ominous in the shadows. The dichotomy between the game's playful appearance and its sinister undertones is a triumph of art direction that enhances the overall experience.

The Merry and the Mysterious: Features to Savor and Surprises to Uncover

Secret Neighbor is rich in features that enliven the social experience. You can choose a variety of neighbor characters, each with their unique gadgets. Children's characters also have their own perks, lending the game strategic depth as players decide on their approach to uncovering the traitor. Moreover, the game includes unlockable content and customization options that encourage repeated playthroughs. The developers focused on creating an environment where every round can feel fresh and unpredictable due to the procedurally generated houses, guaranteeing that no two games are exactly alike.

Conclusion: A Delightfully Suspenseful Social Experience

Secret Neighbor delivers an engaging, suspenseful experience that capitalizes on the duality of innocence and deceit. It’s a game tests friendships and challenges players to think creatively, whether they’re working to unmask the Neighbor or to sow discord amongst the children. With its unique concept, standout visuals, and engrossing gameplay, Secret Neighbor stands out as a multiplayer game that offers more than just thrills—it offers a chance to engage with others in a story that's as much about the tales woven by the players as it is about the game's established mythology.


  • A unique blend of cooperation and deception within a multiplayer format
  • Engaging gameplay requiring strategic thinking and teamwork
  • The pleasingly creepy art style that adds to the suspenseful atmosphere
  • Diverse character choices with special abilities, increasing replayability
  • Procedurally generated maps ensure new challenges in each game.


  • Can be highly dependent on player interaction, which might not appeal to all
  • The concept of betrayal might not suit players who prefer straightforward cooperation.


Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor

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